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Funeral Cover

African Unity Life provides innovative and white labeled funeral cover solutions for group schemes. Our standard benefit includes a predetermined amount of funeral cover for the principal member, as well as their eligible spouse, children and extended family. We also have some additional value-add products and services that can be added to funeral policies – easily and without the hassle!

African Unity Life Limited provides customised funeral cover solutions for group schemes. Our standard benefit includes a predetermined funeral cover amount for the principal member, as well as their eligible spouse and children. It’s our mission to ensure that the funeral policies we offer in Africa not only cover the principal member but offer their immediate families the benefits as well. We believe in offering peace of mind in all our financial products because we don’t just see our policyholders as clients but human beings with real-life responsibilities and needs. 

Our affordable funeral policies offer extended family funeral benefits to ensure the security of the main policyholder’s family as well. You’ll find that our policies also offer increased cover in the case of accidental death or death whilst commuting via public transport. But we do not stop at the basics, there is also the option of additional funeral support services, which include repatriation of mortal remains, emergency medical assistance, HIV/AIDS counselling, support in the event of any trauma experienced, as well as legal and debt assistance, if needed. 

You can trust our funeral cover solutions to provide exactly what people need when the worst does happen. When a death occurs, we believe that families should be allowed to grieve instead of worrying about the financial ramifications of the passing of their loved one. This is why you’ll find that our funeral cost payouts are prompt and we keep things simple. It is our mission to limit the burden left on those who’ve lost someone dear to them. We understand the importance of having peace of mind during difficult times, such as experiencing the death of a spouse, parent or child. This is why we include extended funeral cover for families, so that the principal policyholder isn’t the only one protected.

Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Cover

  • What is funeral cover?

    Funeral cover is there to relieve the financial burden of the family when a loved one passes away. Our funeral insurance policy, offered specifically in Africa, ensures a cash payout within 24 to 48 hours of a death in order to cover the costs associated with a dignified funeral which offers friends and family the closure they need.

  • Can changes be made to my funeral policy?

    Yes, you are welcome to make amendments to your policy, although they are subject to specific terms and conditions. You can add or remove dependents or extended family members, increase or decrease the amount of cover you require and you can request to take out additional value-add products and services.

  • When does my cover start?

    Your membership starts on the first of the month after receipt of your first premium and cover commences after the relevant waiting period has expired.

  • What is the waiting period?

    The standard funeral cover waiting periods are as follows. In the case of death due to natural causes, you will need to wait six months. In the case of death resulting from unnatural causes, your funeral cover is valid after receipt of your first premium. In the event of suicide or attempted suicide, the waiting period for your funeral cover will be 24 months.

  • How long will my cover last?

    Your policy will remain active as long as you carry on paying the premium.

  • Can I reinstate my policy?

    If your policy lapses or is suspended due to non-payment, it can be reinstated subject to specific terms and conditions.

  • Who can I cover on my policy?

    You can cover yourself, your spouse, and your children. Additionally, you can get funeral cover for extended family, including your parents or parents-in-law, grandmothers or grandfathers and brothers or sisters. Your extended family will be charged an additional premium according to their age and the amount of funeral cover they require.

  • Will my family remain covered after my death?

    Yes. Your spouse can opt to continue with the policy whereby he or she will become the main member. It also depends on the product you have taken out. If you are part of an employer group (Compulsory Group Funeral Scheme), the policy will terminate if the principal insured passes away. However, if you are part of a voluntary church group or a funeral parlour group scheme, your spouse can choose to take over the policy as long as he or she is able to continue paying the premium each month.

  • Can I decide who receives the money in the event of my death?

    Yes. During the application stage, you will nominate your funeral cover beneficiary and this person will receive the benefit when you pass away.

  • Can I have more than one policy?

    Yes, you can have more than one policy, although this will be subject to specific terms and conditions. There are maximum cover amounts and this must be taken into consideration when you apply for funeral cover.

  • Is there a limit to the number of people I can cover on my policy?

    The limits will be discussed with you when you initially take out the policy. But the most important point is whether you can afford the premium for all the people you want to cover on the policy. The more people you cover, the more expensive the policy becomes.

  • When does my policy lapse?

    A policy usually lapses after the non-payment of two consecutive premiums. It is therefore important that you pay your premium every month. Please consult with your intermediary on the terms and conditions of your specific policy.

  • If my policy lapses, do I get a refund?

    No, unfortunately, you will not receive a refund if your policy lapses. Cover is provided on a month-to-month basis and there are no surrender values when your policy lapses.

  • What documentation do I receive when I take out a policy?

    You should receive a policy document (participation certificate) that confirms a number of important points. For example, who is covered on your policy, the starting date of the policy, the applicable waiting periods, the amount you’re covered for and the applicable terms and conditions.