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By African Unity Life

Wed, 23 Sep 2020
African Unity Life

We have learned that life is uncertain. 

No matter how much you plan, external challenges can undo all your efforts. It is a fact that no one knows what will happen in the future, or what your family will do when you’re no longer around. That thought alone can cause anyone anxiety, especially for breadwinners responsible for their families. 

While you never know what the future holds, planning can be a helpful way of managing your anxiety. At African Unity Life Ltd, we understand the growing need for funeral cover. But we wish to give our valuable customers more than the best funeral cover in South Africa. We want to educate our existing and potential customers on why a funeral cover is a need, as well as the reasons why you should get one as soon as you're financially stable. 

Many South Africans have been misinformed about funeral cover. This is because of little access to information on insurance, lack of insurance culture (as it is seen as something only breadwinners can afford), and insufficient disposable income which makes it seem like a want and not a need. But, this is the furthest from the truth. So, let’s unpack the growing need for funeral cover in South Africa. 

The cost of planning a funeral

One fundamental reason for the growing need for funeral cover is seeing how expensive a funeral can be. With the economy weakening and the cost of living soaring, people need to find an affordable way to afford to pay for a dignified funeral. Funeral plans in South Africa allow you to plan without breaking the bank, as you can get an affordable monthly premium that fits your personal budget. 

Affordable funeral covers like ours don’t just give you a burial; we go the extra mile in offering additional care such as HIV/Aids counselling, emergency assistance and other support you might need. We know that the cost of living is high, which is why we give you more than a burial, we ensure your family gets the proper support to help deal with your loss. When choosing a funeral policy it is important to look beyond the premium and take note of additional benefits you can receive. 

Elevated stress on breadwinners 

Many South Africans have family members who are their responsibility. 

In most cases, it is extended family members who either struggle financially or cannot get a well paying job due to their level of qualification and the high unemployment rate. That is a reality for many South Africans. Being a breadwinner for your family can be an additional financial burden, which can cause a lot of stress. Living with stress can result in many health complications that might make it hard for you to earn a living. To combat that, finding the right policy that offers funeral cover for extended family, alleviating the stress of the burial for an extended family member

Avoiding incurring more debt 

Without funeral insurance, families are forced to take out more debt. We are all aware that in the economic climate South Africa is currently facing, taking large amounts of debt for when someone passes is not advisable. This realisation has left many South Africans looking for an affordable yet premium funeral cover like ours. Finding such a funeral cover ensures that you are financially covered so that you can lay your loved ones to rest without incurring more debt. 

Fast payout 

No one knows when they’ll need to plan a funeral, and getting a personal loan or advance at work might take too long to arrange, and can be emotionally draining during a time of despair. Your membership with us is active after your first payment has been received and gives you a payout within 24 to 48 hours. (This is, of course, if you've been up to date with your premium and have the necessary documentation that validates your claim.)

This ensures that you don’t have to wait and can start planning a dignified ceremony. We always ensure fast payout to our clients in South Africa. This is done to provide you with an opportunity to plan a dignified funeral and follow your burial traditions without money being a problem.

Final thoughts 

The thought of losing someone you love, or you no longer being there to care for your family is terrifying. But, planning now and securing a proper future is the only way to relieve the stress. 

Whether you’re a young professional or a single parent, it’s never too early to get funeral cover. And, being able to remove the financial burden of a funeral is one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones. More importantly, we want to help you by offering you an affordable funeral cover for yourself and your loved ones. Contact us, a licensed life insurer and an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP NO. 8447 today to learn more about individual or family funeral cover.