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By African Unity Life

Fri, 07 Sep 2018
Corporate announcement
African Unity Life

We had the privilege of hosting our first-ever African Unity Life Cape Conference at D’Aria. Thanks to our teams, partners and clients, we believe it was a successful start to a new tradition. The conference set out to create awareness around who we are, what we do and the road forward with our partners, teams and clients. We were able to achieve this goal but, ultimately, the conference was more than that. It was an opportunity to celebrate the inspiring work our everyday heroes do daily. 


A big part of what made the event relevant was the everyday heroes who made up our extraordinary lineup of speakers. First, Edward Kieswetter, African Unity Life board chairman and former CEO of Alexander Forbes, took us through the South African landscape in 2018. He reminded us that our country and industry have entered a time of great opportunity. This positive outlook is one we always aim to promote. By making a conscious decision to notice the good news around us, we can positively change the way we see the world and leave a lasting mark.


Next, our CEO took our guests through the vision we have for the future of our community and its everyday heroes. While she provided priceless insights into the inner workings of our operation and the exciting plans for our future, the biggest takeaway was the importance of dignity. Our mission is to provide the lower income market with financial dignity in the form of health insurance, funeral plans and a variety of other forms of financial empowerment. 


Technology is a crucial factor in what we do. In our industry, it’s important for us to keep our fingers on the pulse with the latest in technology and innovation. That’s why we invited Tim Strang, tech-based entrepreneur and CEO of Spazapp, to come and enlighten us regarding technology and innovation in South Africa. He based his presentation on the insurance industry with a specific focus on mobile usage, technology innovation and entrepreneurial flair. When we stay up to date with these developments, we can shake up the insurance industry and usher in a new era of economic empowerment. 


Johan Ferreira, AUL Head of Legal and Compliance, also stopped by and shared some useful information about the recent regulatory changes in the low-income market. Some of the major changes included the new policy protection rules as well as the Insurance Act amendments. In order to serve our everyday heroes, we need to constantly align ourselves with industry standards and legal practice. 


And, finally, our beloved Donovan van de Langenberg shared his experience of finishing in Dakar 2018 and the life lessons he learned before, during and after. We’ll always be proud of Donovan and cherish the opportunity to be involved in his journey to success. We look forward to seeing his passion reach new heights and hope to be part of making it happen. 

At African Unity Life, we are a family and we saw this conference as an opportunity to give our clients a peek into our world and even extend our family. Our sights are set on the next AUL Cape Conference and making it even more memorable than this one.