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By African Unity Life

Wed, 21 Oct 2020
African Unity Life

The current pandemic has changed the way businesses operate. Most organisations have had to move from working at a traditional office to remote working. This came about with a lot of challenges, and businesses are now starting to consider what additional company benefits package they can offer to their staff. All in an effort to motivate them to be productive even in these times.

Now more than ever, businesses and their employees need to work together to ensure the longevity of the business. The South African economy is far from recovering, and job losses continue to be a reality for many from all industries. The continuous uncertainties can leave employees feeling stressed, which affects their work performance and health. Working during a pandemic has also heightened anxiety for many employees as they wonder about their uncertain future. They are also faced with the difficult question of what would happen if they or a family member would pass on? To ensure your employees perform well, as an employer, you need to find ways to alleviate their stress.

To do this, we believe being more family-friendly can be an effective way to lower their stress levels. And by this, we mean considering all employees’ pain points, which, in most cases, is the livelihood of themselves and their families. Offering group insurance for employees that extends to their loved ones is an effective way of becoming more family-orientated. 

To learn more, read our article below. 

Health insurance plan for new mothers 

One way of retaining employees and being more family-friendly is by updating your business’s maternity leave policy. This is something that many women will go through working for you, and you’ll want to ensure that you make their experience stress-free and accepting. Offering maternity leave, as well as some form of compensation, will go a long way in helping women overcome any hurdles they may experience with motherhood. A form of compensation you can include is our health insurance plan. Although this isn’t a medical aid or hospital plan, our employee health benefits allow your employees access to affordable primary care. Our health insurance also includes hospitalisation cover for any serious illness, which also includes maternity requirements. This is a helpful benefit for employees who don’t have medical aid.

Funeral cover for extended family  

Offering funeral cover only for your employees defeats the purpose of lowering their stress, or offering practical benefits. Your employees have family members who depend on them, such as their elderly parents. This means that they will need to take care of the funeral arrangements. With our plan, you can offer your employees a funeral cover for extended family members. This will ensure everyone is covered under an affordable plan, allowing your employee peace of mind. This funeral cover for parents will ensure that your employee is able to give their loved ones a dignified funeral. 

Offer life insurance 

The importance of employee benefits is to ensure your employees feel appreciated, and to give them peace of mind. A group life scheme will do just that. Give your employees benefits that show your appreciation for them, even when they’re gone. As an affordable life insurance provider, we offer a tailored made plan which will ensure that the families of your employees have money to live when their breadwinner is no longer around. With the cost of living so high, life cover in South Africa is a need. This money can be used towards schooling for children or supporting them financially until they’re back on their feet. A funeral cover can only go so far, but with both a funeral and life insurance, you can truly make a lasting difference in their lives.

Move towards permanent remote working  

Lastly, the remote working benefit will help you cut cost in the long run, allowing you to improve your benefits plan. Moving towards remote working can have mental and wellness challenges, but there are ways to overcome these challenges. Remote working can help parents be more involved in their children’s lives as they don’t waste time on commuting every day. It also allows them to be more present for sickly family members. While remote working may be new in South Africa, it is an effective way of transforming your company into a more family-friendly business. If permanent remote working isn’t ideal for your business, incorporate more flexible hours for your employees. 

Final thoughts 

This year may not have gone as planned, but it has helped highlight things you can do differently as an organisation. Ensuring that you foster an environment that not only promotes hard work but also shows your appreciation for the efforts your employees bring on a day to day basis. 
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