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By RW-Admin

Thu, 21 Jan 2021
African Unity Life

While it may seem that most businesses are looking to hire millennials, we cannot ignore the fact that baby boomers have just as much to contribute when it comes to businesses. The main benefits of an ageing workforce are that they are; hard-working, have good leadership skills, know what they want when it comes to their careers, they're loyal, have good work ethics and have a stronger network. And while each employee may be different, most elderly workers have the same work ethics. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how businesses operate as well as how older generations live their lives. With COVID-19 having a harsher impact on the older generation, employee health and wellness needs to be a priority to help ensure that your staff feel safe and can be productive in the workplace. 

Continue reading to find out how you can cater to your older employees’ well-being during this time, and post-pandemic. 

Be more flexible 

The need for more flexible hours isn’t something that’s only wanted by your younger workers. Your older employees would also appreciate more flexibility. This allows them to have a work-life balance where they can spend time with their loved ones as well as take care of themselves. This will ensure increased productivity across your workforce as well as that they have a working relationship that isn’t detrimental to their health. Being flexible can include allowing employees to split between working in the office and working from home, as well as working half days. Of course, your employees would need to ensure that this does not negatively affect their productivity, but rather improve it. 

Offer funeral cover 

While the needs of all employees differ, some needs are more or less shared by those in the same chapter of their lives. For example, while funeral cover may not seem like an urgent concern to your employees in their early and late 20s, it’s undeniably a need for an older employee. Your older workforce has families they need to take care of, and they are aware that there will come a time when they’re no longer able to. By offering them a funeral cover plan, you are giving them peace of mind that their funeral will not be a burden on their family members. 

Health care is a priority 

Health and safety in the workplace are key. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is the importance of taking care of your health. Your older staff may have needs that require medical attention, and while a medical aid isn’t compulsory for employers to provide, having a plan for them shows that you value them. Health insurance benefits for employees can go a long way, especially for employees that need medical assistance. While our insurance plan isn’t a medical aid, it is still an affordable option to gain access to health care facilities should they become ill, ensuring you have a healthy work environment. 

Life insurance for their families 

Having life insurance in South Africa is hugely beneficial. With the cost of living being so high, employees need to know that their families have a financial cushion should they experience an accident that prevents them from working or when they pass away. Our life insurance plan covers any employee between the ages of 18 to 65 years. Of course, it’s beneficial to get life insurance earlier so that they can have a lower monthly premium, but our premiums are still suitably tailored for the older generations. Your employees won’t have to worry about their financial obligations such as school fees or taking care of their families when they’re not around or unable to work as their life cover can assist with that. 

Create diversity within the workplace 

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, it’s important to also ensure that your workplace is age-neutral. Signs of a healthy work environment include inclusivity and diversity, as it allows your employees to feel comfortable in their work environment. The same applies to an older workforce. They want to see other employees and people in management positions who are their age. And while you create a safe space that shows them they aren’t any different, make sure you give them equal opportunities to get additional training to help them improve in their careers. By doing this, you’re also motivating them to try and push harder, which will help maintain high productivity in the workplace. 

In conclusion

The health and safety of all your employees are vital for the success of your business. Creating an environment that is accepting while still accommodating one’s needs is a recipe for success. You will begin to see the benefits of a healthy workplace in the quality of work, productivity and the relationship between your employees. It creates an environment where they can do better and always have the company’s bottom line in mind. Contact African Unity Life Ltd, a licensed life insurer and an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP NO. 8447) today, and get a tailored group scheme for your older workforce.