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By African Unity Life

Wed, 25 Nov 2020
African Unity Life

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the way businesses operate, but it’s also been challenging for employees. To date, due to the pandemic, millions of South Africans have had to face challenging times. While some employees may be fortunate to still have work and an income during this time, they still feel the impact of the pandemic at home. This may be through the grief of losing a loved one to the virus or because of financial hardships. This can have a domino effect and affect their work life. They can experience a lack of concentration at work, become demotivated, have low productivity and produce low quality work. 

Since your staff is the driving force behind your company’s success, their wellness should be a priority. And, with so much business uncertainty, employers must play their part in assisting employees. One effective way of tackling their wellness is by offering them a group cover insurance. 

As a licensed life insurer and an authorised Financial Services Provider, we encourage employers to hang onto their group cover despite these tough times. Your group employee benefits have a number of advantages for your business needs, especially now. To find out why you should keep your group cover, read the article below. 

Improve employee turnover 

Employee turnover continues to be an issue for organisations across the globe. And, with the COVID-19 pandemic, no business can afford to lose their valuable employees. To improve employee retention, you need to continue offering employee benefits. Employees want to work for a company that shows appreciation for their efforts beyond their earned salaries. 

During hard times, many people reflect on their lives and careers. If they feel that they aren’t valued or work for a company that doesn’t show recognition, they are more likely to leave. To motivate them to stay, you have to hold onto your group cover, especially during these challenging times. This will show your employees that they matter. 

Increase work morale  

It’s only natural for people to feel unmotivated, lack energy for productivity and experience a dip in morale during hard times. That’s why you need to remind your employees of the benefits that come with working for you, and how your business success impacts their lives too. 

With employee benefits, they know what they stand to lose if the business isn’t performing well. So, make sure that you offer them a type of group life insurance that can put their mind at ease and inspire them to work harder. That can be health insurance, funeral cover or life insurance. 

Increase your business’ appeal 

Unemployment is still a challenge in South Africa, and with more people losing their jobs during these times, the unemployment rate is increasing. While this is a problem, it also gives your business the advantage to find new talent that can be utilised in your company. If you’re venturing or expanding your business, or simply looking for new, well-skilled employees, offering group cover can be exactly what makes your business more appealing than the next. 

Have healthier employees 

Supporting your employees’ health and wellness now and post-pandemic is vital in ensuring the success of your business. The only way you can support and have a healthy team, both mentally and physically, is if you offer them benefits and the tools to maintain their health. 

Offering sick leave and off days is helpful, but employees need more than that to weather these storms. They need medical benefits for them and their family to ensure they are prepared if they may need medical assistance. While we don’t offer medical aid, we have health insurance that provides beneficiaries access to primary healthcare as well as hospital cover. 

Final thoughts 

It has been a trying time for many South Africans, especially on the financial front. This is why it would be more favourable to join an affordable life insurance provider like us. We know how important it is to take care of your employees and the benefits they deserve. So, whether you need credit life insurance quotes or any other benefits from our extensive portfolio, you’ll be in good hands. Give us a call; we are always happy to help! Kindly note, African Unity Life Ltd is a licensed life insurer and an authorised Financial Service Provider, FSP No.8447.