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By African Unity Life

Fri, 04 Sep 2020
African Unity Life

With employee benefits, there is no right or wrong way; it’s what you can afford. 

Although offering your employees a full benefits package isn’t a requirement for businesses in South Africa, apart from Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), Skills Development Levy (SDL), and Compensation For Occupational Injuries And Diseases (COIDA), having employee benefits group schemes ensures a positive work environment while also providing a sense of satisfaction. 

Due to South Africa’s struggling economy, employees are unable to cover essentials such as healthcare, while taking care of themselves and their families. This puts a strain on employees, and can often make them look for employment elsewhere with additional benefits or a better salary. 

So, instead of offering a bigger salary, which they can get anywhere, offer them benefits that will make a huge difference for them and their families. While the main objective is job satisfaction, the importance of employee benefits goes beyond that; it also helps retain best-skilled workers as they feel appreciated by their employers, and aren’t merely there to fill up seats in the office. 

Employees want to know that you care about their wellbeing as well as of their family. To achieve that, continue reading so that you know what the right benefits package is for your employees. 

Health insurance 

A successful business needs to take the health and wellbeing of their workers seriously. Your employees’ health plays an important role in your bottom line. Without any form of health and wellness support, you might lose your best employees or experience a drop in productivity. 

Our health insurance benefits for employees cover hospital cover, day to day benefits, and the medical cost incurred. In the case where an employee falls ill, they will receive a set amount paid out every day that they are in hospital. In addition, our health cover includes several serious illnesses and medical needs such as maternity needs, accidents, ICU care and more. At African Unity Life Ltd, we have ensured that we create a health insurance plan that won’t only benefit your employees, but you as the employer as well. Our plan is tailored, affordable and offers good value for money care. 

Funeral insurance 

No one knows when they’ll need funeral insurance, but it is something that is always at the back of your mind. This has become a sense of worry for many individuals as the cost of funerals has spiked over the years. This is one type of employee benefit that is important and helpful for not only your employee but their families too. Our group funeral scheme allows you to offer your employees the chance to have a proper, dignified send-off for themselves and their immediate family. 

Their immediate family includes spouse and children. Having yourself and your loved ones insured will help relieve the stress as they know that they are all covered should anything happen. With African Unity Life’s Ltd funeral cover, your employees will be covered in the case of; accidental death and death while travelling with public transport. We also offer funeral support services, such as repatriation of mortal remains, emergency medical assistance, HIV/AIDS counselling, trauma support, as well as legal and debt assistance, if needed.

Credit insurance 

Credit life isn’t a well-known insurance policy, but it has many benefits. A brief explanation of credit life insurance; it is a safety net that will cover the cost of existing debt. This insurance policy will provide your employees with peace of mind in the event that they can no longer work, due to a permanent disability, retrenchment or passing away. Credit life insurance allows your employees’ family members the opportunity to continue, without carrying the financial burden of an employee’s debt when they can no longer afford to pay or are no longer around. 

Life insurance 

Another employee benefit example that helps your employee and their loved ones is life insurance. Life insurance isn’t the same as credit insurance or funeral cover. Life cover will financially protect your worker’s family when they are unable to. Unlike credit insurance, this cover can be used to send your employee’s children to school or university, or simply rebuild their lives if your staff was a breadwinner. This is beneficial insurance for your employees that have big families and are the primary breadwinner. 

How to choose the right company benefits package?

At African Unity Life Ltd, we believe that employees need all the covers listed above. The reason being is that these benefits and perks go a long way in showing your workers that you appreciate their efforts. Your employees are your biggest asset, and taking care of their needs will ensure that they work to cater to the needs of your business. 

A business is a partnership between employees and employers to reach your bottom line. So, do the right thing and make your employees see why being in a partnership with your company is beneficial. At African Unity Life Ltd we are committed to ensuring your employees have an insurance policy that will help them create a stress-free life. Still, we are also committed to ensuring employers receive these packages at an affordable price. Contact us and join African Unity Life Ltd today!