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By African Unity Life

Fri, 17 Jul 2020
Corporate announcement
African Unity Life

The coronavirus pandemic has left organisations in unfamiliar territories. 

Although the number of employees who are working remotely has increased over the years, the numbers have particularly skyrocketed in 2020. The coronavirus outbreak has forced companies to close their doors, and those, which can, to work from home. Since it is an ongoing challenge at the moment, remote working has become the norm, and it seems like this is the future for many businesses post COVID-19. This is not necessarily a problem for digitally-run organisations as there are benefits to working from home. For instance, employees spend less time commuting, studies show an increase in production, and businesses get to cut back on company supplies. 

This goes to show that when done correctly, it can have many financial benefits for businesses. However, with any advantages, there are disadvantages too, like lower employee morale. Being unable to see your colleagues while being isolated from a good, productive work environment can often leave employees feeling lonely and disheartened. And it is up to company owners to find ways to ensure workers know that they are still part of an organisation which cares for their employees. 

One effective way of keeping your staff motivated is by having employee group benefits for all staff members. Offering your employees more than their monthly salary has proven to improve employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as improved company profits and loyalty. These are all important things to have, especially in uncertain times like these. So, take a look at the benefits you should consider when keeping your best-skilled employees amidst a pandemic and post-pandemic. 

Health insurance 

A pandemic threatens people’s lives; it leaves people feeling vulnerable and scared. This is especially the case for individuals who cannot afford to have medical aid. As an employer, you can show your remote workers you care by offering them health insurance. Initially, the thought around group medical schemes can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there is affordable health insurance in South Africa that can benefit for your workers when in need of healthcare facilities. African Unity Life Ltd offers an employer group health scheme which will help to alleviate the financial burden of being hospitalised, should one of your employee's fall ill. As a business owner, offering health insurance ensures that your employees’ wellbeing and health is well taken care of. In turn, not only will your employees be grateful and offer their loyalty, but they will also perform better because they are in good health. 

Funeral cover

COVID-19 has been an eye-opener in showing the importance of funeral cover. Many people choose not to think about their passing, especially when they don’t have the financial means to prepare for it. 

Not having funeral cover can increase feelings of uneasiness and stress, which can negatively impact different parts of your life, including their work. This is why, as an employer, offering funeral cover to your remote workers will have its benefits for your business. During this time, many people are alone, and they worry about what this pandemic can mean for them and their families. When alone, your employees ponder on those fears, which, in turn, impacts the quality of work they produce. 

We strongly believe that now more than ever, employers should offer their employees a funeral cover plan. This ensures your staff can have peace of mind and focus on producing quality work for your business. We have the best funeral cover in South Africa that can cater to different employees. 

Learning and development opportunities 

Employees appreciate having the resources to grow their skillset. During this time, you can introduce learning and development opportunities. Not only will it be an effective benefit to improve work morale, but it will also help your business foster an environment that excels in everything they do. With advanced technology, many online academies offer free, certified courses. You can find a course that is aligned with what your business offers to ensure that your employees are acquiring skills that can help improve your company. Those courses can be done during downtime; it’s an effective way to keep your employees entertained while they also reap the benefits from increasing their value.  

Final thoughts 

Working from home has its benefits, and it can help businesses save money in the long run. However, without any benefits for your employees, it can become challenging to keep your staff motivated. This is why it is important for you as their employer, to continuously show them that you are appreciative of what they do and that they are your businesses greatest asset. Contact African Unity Life now to get a quote on affordable insurance benefits for your employees; one that will make a difference to them.