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By African Unity Life

Fri, 19 Jan 2018
Corporate announcement
African Unity Life

For the past five years, Donovan van de Langenberg has been working tirelessly to achieve his ultimate goal in life: to participate in the Dakar Rally. And now, in 2018, he has been given the opportunity to live out his dream. African Unity Life is proud to sponsor this hardworking and motivated young man. 

Van de Langenberg has done everything in his power to build himself up for this challenge. This has included competing in every single rally in the country. And now he knows for certain that the time has come. This year he will be joining hundreds of rally enthusiasts, both professionals and amateurs, in South America to compete in the 2018 Dakar Rally –  which is taking place between 6 and 20 January.       

Category: Malle Moto

The majority of those riding in the Dakar Rally do so with the help of teams and have constant support and backup. Those behind the scenes do everything they can, off the bike, to help the riders during the course of the race.  

However, Van de Langenberg will be competing in the Malle Moto category, which only includes around 20 riders from various countries and continents. Entrants in this category have absolutely no help from a team and will be going at it alone. They face each challenge and obstacle with no one to count on but themselves. Van de Langenberg strongly believes he is ready for this. And so do we at African Unity Life.  

“Malle Moto”, loosely translated, means “man and metal box”, which is what this category is all about. The metal box, in this case, is a container just big enough to fit basic spare parts but small enough to carry. The box is taken by truck to each overnight stop along the journey. Inside it, there are only the essentials that a rider will need to repair their bike and survive the 14-day race. 

Although this category is certainly a tough one, it’s not new to Van de Langenberg. In every rally he’s taken part in, he has competed in Malle Moto. He did this so that one day he would be able to compete in the Dakar Rally… and that day has arrived for this ambitious rider.