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By African Unity Life

Thu, 11 Jun 2020
African Unity Life

As you grow older, you will start to realise the importance of having insurance cover; it offers you peace of mind in knowing that you and your family are protected during financial hardships. 

Losing someone you care about can cause financial strain for any family, which is why it is important to have policies in place to help your loved ones during uncertain times. However, with all the different 

Insurance products in South Africa, it can be confusing to decide which one is best for you. Fortunately, we, at African Unity Life Ltd can help you. We strongly suggest you get life insurance and funeral cover. This article will explain what the difference is and why you need both of them. 

What is life cover? 

Many families live with people who are unemployed, or are low-income earners, and struggle to make ends meet. This can cause sleepless nights, as you know that losing your life or job, due to a disability can have a bad financial impact on your family. Since no one knows what the future holds, you need to have insurance to protect you and your family. Life cover in South Africa will financially protect your family in the event of your passing or permanent disability. This means that your family will be able to continue to live the life you previously provided for them, even when you are no longer able to. 

A few of the biggest benefits of life cover for your children is that they’ll be able to continue with school; pay off any debt, and slowly rebuild their lives. This is something every family will be grateful for, and it will ensure that your child receives the best and can do something with their lives in your absence. 

What is a funeral cover? 

A funeral plan in South Africa pays your family a lump sum when you pass away. As we all know, funerals are expensive, and many South Africans cannot afford these events. With funeral cover; however, there is a lump sum of money to help you plan the funeral arrangements. 

At African Unity Life Ltd, we offer affordable funeral cover that will allow you to have the financial means to give yourself and your loved ones a dignified send-off, without putting you into debt or more financial strain. Our funeral cover allows you to cover yourself, your immediate and extended family. 

Which one should you choose? 

We strongly believe that you should have both insurance products, as they support different needs. Your life insurance will help better the lives of the ones you love and allow them financial freedom, which you might not have been able to give them when you were around due to circumstances. 

As mentioned before, this money can be used to send your children to school, university or pay off debt. Life insurance can help your family for the better. Funeral cover, on the other hand, gives your family peace of mind in being able to cover the costs of a funeral arrangement, burden-free. The grieving process of losing someone you love is never easy. This is why no one should have to worry about the funeral costs when they’re in mourning. So, allow your family and yourself the peace of mind knowing that you have already sorted everything out for when you are no longer around. 

Final thoughts 

It’s hard to have to think of a time when you are no longer here, and your family has to figure things out on their own. But if you prepare while you’re still fit and healthy, then you can do everything to ensure your family is well looked after, even when you are no longer around. At African Unity Life Ltd, we understand the importance of family and the importance of leaving a legacy behind. We have a variety of affordable insurance products that will ensure you are stress-free and ready for whatever life throws at you. So, make the right decision for yourself and your family and join African Unity Life Ltd today. We are always willing to help, so contact us and we will be sure to answer your questions.