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By African Unity Life

Thu, 11 Jun 2020
African Unity Life

When you’re young and healthy, you’re reluctant to think about a time when you or a family member are no longer around. But, it’s a reality that you cannot ignore, and it is crucial to plan for that day in advance. Funerals are expensive, and with South Africa’s strained economy, people don’t have the financial means to afford a funeral, mainly middle and low-income earners. This is why having a funeral cover is ideal for many South African, as they can have peace of mind knowing that they, and their family members’ funerals, are covered when the unfortunate time comes. 

At African Unity Life Ltd, we strongly believe that you should have a funeral cover once you have the financial means to do so. It is best to prepare beforehand for the unknown, as no one knows what the future holds. We understand that you may not know how to choose a funeral plan, or know which provider is right for you. This is why we are here. We’ve written an article to guide you on this topic. 

Find a reputable insurance provider 

When choosing a funeral policy and company, you need to choose a reputable insurance provider. One that you know has been around for years and is a licenced under the Long Term Insurance Act. When interested in an insurance provider, insist on seeing their certificates of compliance and additional relevant documentation. The documentation will prove that the funeral policy is from a financial services provider that is registered. You cannot trust what an insurance provider says unless you see proof that they are legitimate. Too many people have fallen victim to scams, and we do not wish the same to happen to you. 

Think about your needs 

Before you take out any funeral cover, you need to consider what is suitable for your family situation. Take a moment and see how many people in your life will need a funeral plan, and what type of send-off you wish for them to have. For example, if you are the breadwinner in your family, then you’ll need an insurance plan which will cover you, your immediate family and extended family’s needs. This ensures that you can plan a funeral for each family member that is dependent on you. 

It is important to think this through, as you want to have peace of mind in knowing that everyone is taken care of. The last thing you need is added pressure due to lack of funds. Our standard benefits include a predetermined funeral cover amount for you, your spouse and children. 

We believe that it's important to offer benefits for our principal members' immediate family. We have also ensured that extended family receive benefits as we understand that securing your extended family means helping you financially when the time comes. Additional benefits and services that we have are accidental death while commuting with public transport, repatriation of mortal remains, emergency medical assistance, recommended HIV/AIDS counselling, as well as trauma support. 

Keep your budget in mind 

One vital benefit of funeral cover is that your provider allows you to plan respectful send-offs for your loved ones in manageable monthly instalments that fit your budget. However, with so many funeral 

policies in South Africa, you may not know which one to pick. You need to find a family funeral cover that you can afford to pay without having to drastically change your lifestyle. 

Fortunately, providing an affordable funeral cover is something we pride ourselves on. We understand that policyholders have a lot on their plate, which is why we ensure you get a funeral cover with a monthly premium that you can afford. This means you will be able to have a funeral cover for your parents and yourself that won’t be financially straining. 

The payout procedure matters 

When choosing a provider, you need to find one that is considerate and understands the importance of time when arranging a funeral. The right funeral cover will have a suitable waiting period. We pay out successful claims between 24 - 48 hours, provided all required documentation is submitted, as we know what is at stake and how long funeral arrangements can take. We do not want to see our policyholders stressed out during a grieving experience. 

We’ll care for your family when you’re no longer around 

Because we do not want you to leave any stone unturned before you pass on, our funeral cover plans ensure that your extended family members are still insured when you are no longer around. Your funeral arrangements can be continued by your spouse, as long as they stick to the payment agreement. 

If you wish to nominate a family member to be responsible for your benefits, you can nominate your funeral cover beneficiary. Your beneficiary can take care of the funeral arrangements and your family. This is beneficial for policyholders who have big families. This ensures there is no confusion as there will be legal documents that specify who is in charge of your finances when you are no longer there. 

Final thoughts 

African Unity Life Ltd cares about our policyholders and their extended family members. If you are looking for a cover that fits your lifestyle and cares not only about you, but also for those whom you are financially supporting, then contact African Unity Life Ltd today; we offer one of the best funeral covers in South Africa.